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Literature resources (with the odd things that amuse and/or intrigue me) for your perusal. If you're looking for more poetry to read that's not on dA, I had a poll with wonderful suggestions here.

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Hi, I'm V. It's not my real name - not even close - but I'm Vigilo here, and I've been other V-beginning pretentious Latin usernames elsewhere on the internet for around six years now, so V works!

If you need anything, or if you just want to talk, feel free to comment / note me. :note:



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Writers of the Revolution, January

Sun Feb 1, 2015, 8:41 AM

featured WRITER



Sometimes, it takes me a while to find the featured writer for these articles, because we've featured so many excellent writers before, in both the Writers of the Revolution articles and the Featured Member articles before that, if any of you still remember those. =P Often, that ends up with me trawling our gallery for writers who a) haven't been featured before, b) are relatively active, and b) have work I haven't read yet.

It's really great, because I end up finding writing of fantastic quality, like you're about to see in this article. Braxton-T-Rutledge writes both poetry and prose, but I'm only featuring his poems below because a) they are so good, b) I'm inclined to poetry (surprise!), and c) they are really, really, good poems. Braxton-T-Rutledge has a way not only with words but with style and subtlety, and I highly encourage you to read at least the following poems by him - they're really worth your time.

Cooking With MomBetween the onions, before the beef
is cubed; after the mushrooms get seared
not crowded, my mother turns
touching my chest. She knows
the scar
     over my left lung is
her fault,
She tells me she remembers terror.
My crawling into the Elephants' enclosure.
An ape in diapers
awestruck, adoring those kind planet-eyes
hoping a long trunk will wrap around it,
I say
"I don't remember ever feeling safer."
Crawling between the feet of
Mother tells me I wailed, 
"I wanted them
to raise me."
When the wine is poured over the beef and the rice
gets to steaming, she says, "your instinct might've been right,
ya know? Maybe it would have turned out better,
joining their herd."
I look the stove in the eye demanding
Tell me how to make dead things taste alive,
reach out your coiled arms and take my hands,
whisper your bread trickery, yo

Cooking With Mom.

Oven, let me tear into your
cold steel
I can hold my false people.
The title of this poem is at once oddly apt and secretive: yes, this is a poem about cooking and about mothers, but the imagery in this is so deftly done, as is the tone of the poem. Furthermore, the personification of the oven is simply fantastic, something that really enhances this poem and carries it through. It's a great read; go read it.

Letting the Light InBefore the sunless months left
her pale, wide face amiably frowning
out from her ankle-long dress,
she had red cheeks, her
defiant nose slicing as she went
careening on her ten speed
down the avenues between the mountains.
She came with sun-blessed words gleaming on her tongue,
but then the sun dried up and cowered, left
her to the lead-skyed valley
that pressed her into tomb whispers,
ground her like a gnat, the gravity
left a world unfinished.
She might have finished,
if promised a year in the Mojave she
might have built an earth and filled it with light
fruity perfumes, houses of stained glass,
but given the hope of a third
withering year beneath those grey gods, left
a gift of twelve months of mountains
pressing her into the clovers,
her world was miscarried, aborted
words not written splattered
between her books.
They swallowed her bullet whole
as she did.
What room I had made for her world festers still.

Letting the Light In.

She might have finished,
if promised a year in the Mojave she
might have built an earth and filled it with light
This poem deals with a troubling topic, but it's executed well, with poignant and pointed imagery, and a title that changes once you finish reading the poem.

Before you continue reading, I should note that the poem below is marked 'mature' for a reason and deals with the topic of rape. Read at your own discretion, please.

She's One of Millions.

The statistic is one in five.

But boys have needs and
guys like me need heroes.
The impact of this poem is extremely difficult to put into words. It's very good - I highly recommend reading it. It's excellently written, with a very evocative voice, and, like so many fantastic poems, leaves you floundering for words to explain how the experience of reading it was.

Devious Journal EntrySister someday
the sun is gonna rise behind
my head and blow my windshield
out into the desert, and my melting wings
will falter hard enough that i fall
down mortal on your stoop.
sister that sunny day you will
pack my feathers into smiles
taking flight around half moons
with our eyes talking in stardust
our hands weaving galaxies
but today is not that day
you will not get the pleasure of
helping me fly again
i still need your madness to
make my fist a beak
your hands cannot push me
out of a nest while i am yet
to shatter the egg world.

Devious Journal Entry.

your hands cannot push me
out of a nest while i am yet
to shatter the egg world.
The imagery in this poem is simply stunning, as are the metaphors, from the astronomical to the avian. It's a beautifully executed poem, from start to finish, short and delightful, and the ending, especially, is absolutely wonderful.

We :heart: Braxton-T-Rutledge.

featured CRITIQUES


on Bitter Seeds by adventwinter.

I don't think a subject can be overused as long as you approach it from a fresh perspective. As a reader you kind of expect that too, even if you have heard it before. Nothing Jeremy was going through was new to me but while I was reading I wanted to know why it mattered to him.

read the full critique here.


on In a Dream by RavenAnabell.

The simplicity of most of it just makes the ending all the more powerful. But there were a few places where I would have used contractions instead of terms like 'I am,' 'cannot,' and 'were not.' It's a little disconcerting to have the slightly more formal phrases put in there with their fast-paced, emotional outbursts.

read the full critique here.

featured RESOURCES

In addition to these resources, we're publishing articles with interviews from other writers in deviantART for our Mentorship Project, so check those out! So far, we have: On Writing and On Poetry and Prose Basics.

Poetry Month Scouts

here - this isn't a 'resource' per se, but it's an excellent opportunity coming up in April, for anyone who wants to practice their found poetry skills, organised by the Found Poetry Review! Thanks to Nichrysalis for pointing it out.

60 Awesome Search Engines for Writers

here, for both poetry and prose writers!

featured MEMBERS

Angelaa Dimension 258 short story
Rosie picked up her clock again and stared at the numbers. When the big blue hand reached the 12, her daddy would come home. She furrowed her brow and squinted at the tip of the blue hand. Once, she had seen it move. But now it was stuck by the 10.
“Rosie, why do you keep watching the clock?” Leo asked. “Are you not having any fun building?”
Rosie set the clock next to her pile of toy bricks. “Today’s special day,” she announced. “Daddy’s bringing home a lady.”
“Ohh.” Leo raised his eyebrows. “He’s got a new girlfriend?”
“Yep! He says, he’s been seeing her for a while, he says he likes her a lot. He says she’s super nice.” Rosie paused to spit some hair out of her mouth.
“Here. Scoot over here and I’ll braid your hair,” Leo said. Rosie scooted and he began pulling her hair away from her face. “My hair us
  CathieSalt-and-pepper hair contrasts sharply with the crisp, starched pillow;
bone-thin arms resemble bed rails--
tears in my arms, the morphine drip in your vein.
My inner rage refutes your calm acceptance.
You ask if we are waiting for you to die:  no.
We are waiting for a miracle,
we are waiting for you to heal--
We are waiting for something that will not happen.
We are stretching for something that is out of reach.
We are holding onto our obsolete hopes, the small fragments of our lives
so closely, we cannot see the bigger picture
of eternity.
In a paradox, God is calling you clearly,
but we can't seem to hear His voice--
only the silence ringing in our ears
as the monitor stops
your breathing ceases
your face un-creases--
and, for the first time in years,
you run Home.

>>All hail ginkgografix for this beautiful skin.

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